Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dr. San Guinary mask

Click here to enter the Dr. San Guinary WEBLAB
"Welcome to the Dr. San Guinary Weblab!
This web site is dedicated to the memory of Omaha's horror movie host Dr. San Guinary, who hosted CREATURE FEATURE for ten years from 1971-1981 on KMTV Channel 3."

"I remember he use to play a bunch of viewer-made horror videos during the movie breaks...I loved those. The fake blood, the acting, the sets people made in their basements...it's pretty inspiring for a young kid into art and movies to see those."

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sunday, January 29, 2006

ArtsPreserve Short from Regional Police Report:
Oblivious animals, an uncouth spouse and some suspicious kids

Southeast of Broken Bow.
A horse is in a field. Stated horse is
not supposed to be there. Also, there are horses in pasture on east side of road. Dispatch made contact with possible owner of horses, who stated someone would
go and check on reported equine. Contacted party called back and
advised the two reported animals are actually donkeys and not theirs.
Dispatch called residence of subject who may own donkeys
and left message on answering machine.
And on Cozad Road the cattle are out. Dispatch contacted possible livestock owner, who advised he would go and check on cattle.
Later, on 300 Blk South Hwy 183,
Sargent Police Chief advised of 2 Llamas running loose on roadway
at above location.
Meanwhile, local resident is making a complaint about kids dragging cats around town
behind vehicles. Officer paged and advised of complaint. Hours later, a Callaway vehicle is stopped at corner and kids "are acting suspicious." Deputy advised
and later made contact with vehicle at another location.
All is 10-4.
Rural Mason City.
"My spouse has injected himself with livestock vaccination
and needs an ambulance."
Mason City ambulance is paged, responds

and transports subject.

The End.

Friday, January 27, 2006

27th and old cheney tower
January 28th
time: quiet-day curve

Thursday, January 26, 2006

the level of interaction with the world is breathtaking
sc site no. 2 message includes:
cul-de-sac down
the checa cell lounge
wild whooly and full of fleas
goblin brats

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fremont Railroad
Union Pacific
The Chippewa Northwestern Railway in Goehner, Nebraska
"The Chippewa Northwestern Railway Company is a one-inch
scale railroad located on the grounds of the Seward County
Historical Society's Museum in Goehner, Nebraska. On the
second and fourth Sundays, May through October, the
general public can ride FREE behind one-inch scale steam

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ArtsPreserve Patrol Lincoln SC
Poacher sited at SC No. 8!!
The ArtsPreserve weblog has been active since October 7th of 2005, yet the poacher pictured above was seen at sc no. 8 just last week. The poacher, named "ghost", seemed to be a messenger or scout.
"She was a little bitty thing, quick and had one hell of a nasty mouth, but we knew it wasn't the notorious "Mother". M is a much larger and older female. I came outside and ghost was standing right in front of me; she moved in front of a tree and just stood there. I think she was waiting for me to take some pics. The only one that came out is the one I'm sending you. As soon as the flash went off she dashed behind the tree and was gone."
The full note left by ghost has been sent to all of you with instructions, weblog access, new tags and additional material. Pay attention to the "...anything odd and imperfect is in danger and will be hunted, tracked and eliminated. The snub and stealing has begun. It's the only way. Beauty will be protected." It relates to the shrewd outlaw in our arts aggregate and the lower lip tattoo.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ArtsPreserve's random and real weblogs:
They saw that tree kickin' my ass
mel's(barb's son)salmon
"Well, I raked over half the yard. 8 HUGE piles of leaves....for half that bitch....grrr....and I forgot lawn bags at the store...so the piles will be there until tomorrow :( I had this feeling I was being watched out there...I was. The people across the street and others down and across one....both....nosey bastards. They always do that. The day that I was trimming the spruce tree....working my ass off. the guy comes out and says "good job, took alot of work huh ?" So I'm like " yeah been out here for abut an hour." His reply : " yeah we know...we were watchin' ya." Well thanks for the help asshole ! Not only that .....that means they saw that tree kickin' my ass....branches smacking my in the face...and then the crackhead squirrel chasing me off...... twice.
While I was out raking..."A" was asleep, and the dog.............he got a diaper...a wet one, the soggy, stinky overnight one, and strung it all through the fuckin' house. Bastard. It reeked of urine in here, and everywhere I stepped it was wet...ugghhhh. He was pissed at me cuz he wanted to fight with the rake and I made him stay in. Also, his hormones were raging, someone down the street walked by with a girl boxer a month older than him, so I took him out to meet her. It was humpfest, they were fighting over who was gonna be on top. The girl boxer was trying to dominate lmao.....gross but funny ! Seems that now we have a boxer and the rest of the neighborhood does too ! It's like when you have your kids and you think "hey this name is original" then the next thing you know...every other kid in their kindergarten class has the same damn name. That's why nicknames rule at my house. The kids have about 3 each, and the dog about 9. Not including the four letter words we call him lol. Really I do love him, but he pisses me off to no end. So since my sis and family are coming I need to shampoo again, I just did it dammit ! Thank God for Febreze air spray it smells better in here !
The reason I started raking ? Hell if I know...I'm retarded. I get a hair up my ass and say "what project can I start today....that will take AN ETERNITY and tons of energy to finish ?" Sometimes it's simple...clean the metaphors ( windows) lol....or other times it's not... paint the house...clean and detail the cars, inside and out making the tires and wheels shine, and the black stuff around all the windows and the running boards nice and shiny too. I'm bored now that I'm all decorated for halloween, and I've decorated a gigantic grocerys tore for Christmas.....now what do I do ? Well, I get on here and blog, then read other blogs, then play games...but then I'm bored again....I wanna go shopping......"

Monday, January 02, 2006

Beer Art
Photographer: bhazey

Sunday, January 01, 2006