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breastfeeding friendly

"HFS! Are you kidding me?" Put on your hot ass jeans and finger-click yourself over to miss margo's weblog...don't pull the five second glance...hang out and read...she hooked me because she found this link of Hastings, NE reporter Ginger Ten Bensel's love of Nebraska.

Local Etsy girl, Jessica Wynne Plymate, can be found HERE. Check out her wonderful wording (a dead bird for the ample breasted) and creepy animal buttons taken with the old land those. And, of course, omahamomma (she who writes, loves, shops, sticks plastic forks in lawns (read about it), takes pictures, cheers on the omaha roller girls , and who shouldn't??) has her some etsy creations.

Now, it's time to head over to the fresh Omaha Lit Fest site that just opened up for this year.

Friday, April 28, 2006

regarding fish, blowing sand and watching water

"More than 30 people stood around the inlet Tuesday evening as water released from the Sutherland Reservoir made its way down the canal and entered Lake Maloney." ~Frank Graham at the North Platte Bulletin

Update~May 1, 2006: sw nebr. water watcher cricketcricket
"im watching water on the sidewalk and took a picture of it. and did you know you can see a face in the water from your post pic?"

Here's the face in the water ---->

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Wind Over Mower
Bird Over Clock
"pona squalor fickle finds frequent reasons to fall behind. so she can stare down at the dirt road and find things nobody wants to see. but let her read and let her move across the street and let the kids see how it should work if each one of you does what their suppose to do. so leave them alone. let the mad mother of their mind work and move in. still perched and protective on the branch. nobody knows her. let her drink the worker and the skull with the doll and her dream."

Sunday, April 23, 2006

new video art series from a friend of modern gypsy. always good to see new media work in this area.

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"The Artists on art video series explore art from the perspectives of the people directly involved: the artists. The spectrum of artists involved will cover any possible methods of creation. The first video in this series interviews Johnna, the owner of Liquid Courage Tattoo in Omaha, NE. Special thanks to Dawn Segger for sharing her time "in the chair" with me."


Saturday, April 22, 2006

"This post use to talk about how bad a dog's breath smells and how pictures of dogs getting their teeth brushed were funny. If you don't think a dog's breath is going to stink before you stick your nose in its mouth and take a whiff then you need to "think again". The post seemed to need a little reworking and so we asked pie said hi to do just that.

Artist statement:
"The title of this new work is "Dip it in the Bouillon no. 2" 2006.
This piece is now investigating the mythology of red and how it equals blood and sacrifice and can play on the expanse of the flat screen. The application and layering of red, the sacred and the digital, onto the screen capture is the traditional form I find in my recent work. I have scribbled out the words, leaving some exposed, to reach that edge of unrestrained thinking; and how I, as many artists have, find crossing out words interesting. It speaks of truth for me and brings out a completeness. The screen capture and its symbolism can choose to be or exist in web time or in real time, R-E-A-L. The reference to sweaters loving sopapillas can be remotely guarded as poetry having access to rebirth and how objects, now or in the future, will love other objects. It is one in a series of a thousand."

indian cave state park
southeast Nebr.

largest porch swing
Hebron, Nebraska
largest plow and Kool-Aid stand~more porch swing~

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the burwell invitational
pulled jpegs mix

source----> Sandhills Express: photos from Deb Hostick
golf course orphans
The Muffin Tray Method
letter one: our view on artspreserve
"The imaginative op ed piece in response to the slade post was mined with mistakes and reveals the writer as another overeducated dink who herds influence and wants to beat you up by the high art jungle gym while taunting you with their latest poppability views and vapid crap about the world of true artistry. Yes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but it SHOULD say: the squeaky wheel next to the person with the most impact gets the grease of importance, or something like that (thanks, pie said hi). Uh, we not smart-ish. An artist isn't an artist because they use fancy paper. Now in context with artspreserve we have to look at what the response piece failed to acknowledge, saying slade is an idiot is one thing, poaching 'no preserves' is cute, but not looking at how details are making up a larger piece, reacting so fast to one moment without looking at other parts, is what prompted this writing. Let's do a W.S. Merwin and unchop this tree:

Scan this short list we put together:
corn, salt, soil (the master horizons), cultivation, seeds/kernels and the selections of seeds by women, Nebraska, planting, growing, ancient codex, entropy or time, people, stories, history, satire and play, hybrids, cell towers, worship, faith, signals, antenna, bugs, building, art, blood, sex, culture,nature and seasons and geography. This is just what we have been jotting down recently. Frankly, a lot of the work and the stories behind them are creepy. What the hell does it all mean? Who knows, but it is carrying us along and baits a bit of interest for our days.

Golf course orphans doesn't care if this means anything to you. We're just responding to what we see in this project; the views and what everyone of us is bringing to it. We're not shooting adverbs, we're stacking metaphors one puzzle piece at a time. Nobody is trying to insert false meanings, but what we know is artspreserve is crammed with a bunch of crisscrossing ideas, themes and inside jokes. Some posts are beautiful and telling, some ideas are a bore, some cool and weird but many are wicked and unsettling. It was the one shot pic link that started making sense as a concept to us. Where will this go? How much can we contribute to this aggregate? Leave this alone if you want, be defiant, no problem. Overbuilt and underused. But with some time, begin to excavate on your own and find some of the elaborate constructions and see some of the artistic exercises...go you would with a music cd (enough of the skits...oh, put in your ear pieces and listen to your music as you look around the preserve...) or interactive game (chickasha envelope is capital F for HUH?) or just wait for the canterbury formula to paint you brown and make you behave."

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chimney rock

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Ashland, NE
Alien sketch from Police Officer Herbert Schirmer
"Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63, Believe it or not!"

~more about his story here
~Schirmer search results here

"Old land camera photos. They were both heavily taped into a sketchbook and scanned as is. Both towers are in Lincoln, NE."

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"Ronald E. Tenbensel, 53, 1815 W 13th, was cited with 170 counts of animal neglect. He was processed and released on his own recognizance.

Animal neglect is a Class-I misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of one-year imprisonment, a $1,000 fine or both.

Wilson said deputies received a complaint about the animals and investigated the ranch, then obtained a search warrant.

An affidavit said approximately 100 head of cattle were dead or dying, including animal carcasses and live cattle that were down and couldn’t get up.

The cattle that were down were being preyed on by predator animals while still alive, the affidavit said, slowly eaten to death as they lay in distress.

A deputy also observed there were multiple cattle skeletal remains, dead and dying cow and calf pairs, according to the affidavit, and the cattle were without any feed, forage or water.

Some of the baby calves were eating bailing twine, the deputy reported, and some of the water troughs were full of mud while others were bone dry. The deputies determined that the cows had been abandoned, cruelly mistreated and criminally neglected."~read full story from North Platte Bulletin

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*Update: April 11th, 2006~ craft talk op ed from anonymous art person
"This guy is an idiot. He should have nothing to do with artspreserve and has stained your site with scatological humor that, at best, is still crap. FartsPreserve, how trite. Hey, I liked that type of stuff when I was five! Slade thinks he knows art but he doesn't. He just bumbles around and drools at anything with a wall label, resorts to using shitty language and barfs all over his computer. He probably appreciates the lesser arts and artists and should crawl back into his poopy filled trailer of poopy urine poops. He couldn't afford one sheet of my fancy drawing paper that is better than anything he has. He probably doesn't even know who Artemisia Gentileschi is. I do. I know who he is. He doesn't but I do. And he probably thinks pottery is real art. HA! Nobody who has an education thinks pottery is real art! Stop this tautology and start posting someone who knows what real art is. People who are stupid are so stupid. What next, a crap talk lesson on conte drawing using a palette knife? HA! You don't use a palette knife for conte drawing! You don't! I knew that but I bet he didn't."

with slade badiner

Where the hell have I been. It's April. The last time I posted was October, 2005...and yes, I use naughty words.

When I visit youtube and watch those videos all I can think about is, "who's going to pull off the next war of the worlds type of stunt and fool everybody with some acting bullshit". It would be pretty easy to suck in a load of people who think it's real and start to spread it all over the place.
there's no new stories to tell, what's new is the WAY THE STORIES ARE TOLD. i'm paraphrasing from somebody, I don't know who.

After a Des Moines Iowa museum run (and talking to their arts center guards, one sketches all the time and he's good), and Omaha last week I was in Lincoln, stopped by tina's and then headed for the galleries downtown. What would happen if ART outlawed cows, mirrors (including cracking them and breaking them), landscapes and feathers? Oh, and spirals. Tedious and no fun for me, that's for sure. Hey, look at me!! went home and drank.

I watched the penalty with Lon Chaney the other night. BLIZZARD. Chaney was a Colorado boy. If you want to be inspired, put up a huge poster with ALL the characters he created and just look at them. Talk about a badass photo.

I found that pic with the guy humping...oh, I mean holding the deer. made me smile.

reminds me how much we all want to marry our objects these kids in awe of Marci.

I don't get a lot of what goes on here. I don't think that's the point. I like to tell dirty jokes, do stuff for shits and giggles and work outside, but I can appreciate art and love to look at it. it's fascinating for me. if I could write better maybe I would do that for a living..but i don't. I'm not real talented but I do what I can. I like stupid humor and my hands are always dirty. but isn't that what art is about? invite everything in that's subversive, raw, real, playful, serious, crappy, lush, torn, broken, slick, confusing, expensive and cheap, and let it reveal itself. sometimes it's beautiful and sometimes you see something that freaks you out. the preserve does that for me. I don't know why. I came late to this art party. sometimes when it's not what it suppose to be it's called artsy. people still can't get past this. i don't know. I'm tired and it's late. I'm crabby and this is starting to get silly. it sounds stupid but seeing this work has made me smile, and think and see details and connections i would never of thought of. NEVER. I don't know where they come up with this stuff. anyway. enough writing for now.

I want to go smoke in my garage.

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