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The fields bloodline remains. We creep just prior to weaning. Outstanding carcass traits. 10,000 buys 100 units of semen. Half of our ewes have lambed and we have 58 lambs. Most of our aged ewes have lambed and we are beginning to get lambs from our ewe lambs. "Prime Time" was the high selling sheep. This stud is sired by "Freaky" and out of "G.I. 95" daughter. "Prime Time" represents the pinnacle Martin Genetics combining the Style Plus and G.I. lines. "405" combines great touch, excellent hide, and that cool club lamb rib shape in an eye appealing package. Super pretty and sound.

ArtsPreserve's random and real Nebraska weblogs:
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"Hey. I got a comment finally and i dont know who it is from. If you are reading this tell me your name, unless you think im some kind of evil person which is sooooo not true. some people think of me as the smarty pants but i dont want to be thought of like that. If you didnt leave me a comment please do!!! I want to hear what you have to say. Pretty please!!! I like getting emails. And if you know me (which a lot of people do) I probably will talk to you on the web if you're on. I hope you will be because no one is ever on my account. Im just saying whatever is on my mind, so if i get annoying, just leave a comment saying so. I'd really appriate it. I dont know if that is how you spell appriate. The time it says i did this on here is sooo wrong. It's central time for me. And ummm...even though im talking to you right now email me. HaHa. My grandma and grandpa just left not to long ago. they are really nice. They always bring m and m's. Then they leave them for us to eat. I felt like doing that. Im gonna do another and go. so...i hope you can tell what that is. It is a heartbroken. Here is a smaller version. Can you see that? Leave me a comment that says (if you want to) if you can see that or not. I have to get a haircut at 4:00 today and dont really think i need it but so what. I can't think of what else to say so...bye."

jamie standing tall

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Chickasha Envelope
Upstairs in the Bennett-Martin library, towards the back, the oversized adult non-fiction and biographies are stacked. This was the pick-up spot. The email said to look for an envelope in BR498B. The book was about Anna Cora Mowatt and it sat right next to Robert L. Ripley's bio. On the inside flap of Anna's book it reads, "...her life was an unexampled public triumph and a profound private tragedy."

Inside the envelope was a ballpoint pen sketch with a small map, a photo of her (?), and instructions. ArtsPreserve is doing exactly what she wanted with what she provided.

There was a list written on the other side of the sketch/map. These are the six things she wrote: "1. I sold my motorcycle for an old pottery wheel, some clay and tools; 2. I sold guns and ammo at Cabela's ; 3. I designed the window displays for a major clothing store; 4. I want to be known as Chickasha; 5. Look into letterboxing; 6. This is strangely helpful for me right now."

"Sometime on Saturday, February 25th, I'll put the other envelope in book number BT3755P. It's a Jim Thompson bio. It's for a stranger to find."

That's all the information she provided.

The only thing left is for someone to find it. Nothing was said about what to do after her envelope is found. So, if you're the stranger to discover it and want to share the artwork she put inside the envelope contact ArtsPreserve.

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a muse caught off guard

69kv-12.5kv substation north central nebraska

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b l a c k o u t s

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ArtsPreserve's random and real Nebraska weblogs:
I'm just trying not to think of it
Artwork by Josie Ford, Westminster Art Show
"was standing in the living room catching a glimpse of men's figure skating...

all of a sudden i hear an announcer say that the canadian guy "has great choreography but he lacks the KILLER INSTINCT..." Why do figure skaters need killer instinct? ...So they can kill."

"Surgery has an official date. It's the 21st. Im so fucking scared. I just can't wait for all this to be over. School is being a bitch. Im not enjoying life much right now. My on going search for someone to care as deep as I want to is not going any better than my life. Whit is makin me write a song. I just polished off a shortend version of a sermen. Spelling I know get over it. Im just terriably worried. So if I do weird shit... or start goofing off, or flirty, etc. more than ussual... no worries im just trying not to think of it.

The Dumb Ass at Deitze said he would only give me $50 dollars for a 1980 Ibanez Roadstar 2 Series guitar with nicks, dings, and in need of a new pick guard. Needless to say.. I cussed the fucker out in the store... and I got my ass thrown out.

I need something to go right for a change... so if anyone can help me out with that I would be much abliged to hug them... and hump them if nessicary... chicks get makeouts in this line dudes get high fives in this one. Got to keep my pimp hand strong. Ohh well. So if anyone knows anything to try and make my life better... or has the sudden urge to.. I don't know... shoot me. Please let me know or do so."

"My cactus is dying; I think I overwatered it.

I can't believe I can't keep a cactus alive."

Saturday, February 18, 2006

»licking the amanita muscaria

.....bird's head found in can of pinto beans.....super-g halted.....loss difficult to take and a bitter pill.....dow ends down.....pilots picket.....woods barely survives.....just happy to be here.....cartoon riot.....man allegedly bites off girlfriend's nose.....sued over ingredients of fries.....still without power.....little man comes up big.....

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"I need cute shoes to mop in!" ~omaha momma

Does she know how good she is? Probably, but I don't want to jinx her (ArtsPreserve picked a post of hers for random and real weblogs). Enjoy the writing of OmahaMomma .

The Drifter Bunkhouse doesn't open until April. APRIL! I'll pine over this saloon girl room picture from the High Plains Homestead in Crawford, NE for now. Why do you taunt me April? Fine, I'll find my way to famous front street in Ogallala, NE and catch the crystal palace revue.

So I'm reading Vanity Fair and see they mention the new musical of Grey Gardens! You know, don't you? You've seen the flick, right? Well, no more womens wrestling until you find out more HERE and then go HERE and finally, find out about the Maysles HERE.

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Nebraska's center-pivot irrigation

from Nebraska Press
Rainmakers: A photographic story of center pivots

The once-over/bookstore glancer review:
"The book is curiously deficient of those wonderful aerial center-pivot pics...crap. You will get a lot of sprinkler photos. It is about irrigation, I guess. Anyway, I loved the pic you put up...wish the book had more like it."