Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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I fixed myself a tuna sandwich and turned on the TV
mel's(barb's son)salmon
"I poisoned some more moles today and Barbara sat two traps for them. It was a nice day for walking but I raked up leaves under the big tree instead. I feel the amount of exercise is about the same. It was cool, the temperature was 33 outside this morning when I took the little one out for his first poop stop of the day. Barbara went into town to see Bill. He has not been feeling well because of the people who have been hypnotizing him off and on for the past few days. Barbara and Caren both have talked to him about that and explained that that really is not happening but he fails to accept it. Evidently his medicine is not working the same as before or he is not taking it regularly.
I had a one hour nap. When I awoke there was a note from Barb telling me she has gone to City Hall so I fixed myself a tuna sandwich and turned on the TV to watch the news."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Trouble in the Streets 2005

Keep on the lookout for this unruly duo. We don't need artistic chaos and rebellion at this time. Things need to be tamed, civilized and under control.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cam Trip Journal:
part one

The rainy day woman's ashes were all over the flower tops. The blue sky blond sips Texas tea as her toes spread in the warm, red dirt. "Have you seen Mary Warner?" asked Meg. "No," replys Kali, "But thirteen squirrels shake old sweet Lucy's mother, that's for sure."
Meg's lace is a killer. The indian boy kindly observed. "I know Pat. She lives behind the righteous bush." As the airplane let the atom bomb fly, fry daddy's fine stuff mothered the super grass. "Oh, green goddess, I love boats and my Manhattan silver homegrown with gold thumbs. Don't torch Taima!" yelled the indian boy.
"He means no harm!" warned Kali. "I work at the red cross and twist sweet Lucy's T into garbage."
part two

The young boy is using his new computer to empower himself. "I made a series of 28 WWE Diva GIFs once. And here's my Apprentice 4 screen capture of Carolyn Kepcher and soon I'm going to get a series of HD Maria Menounos Pantene caps, I hope."

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm cuddling my latest skein of yarn and just about ready to cast on for my fab new shawl, but first I had to submit some links I thought all you Hue Sap (me!) fans would *love*; and I'm doing it in between Susan Scheewee and Desperate Housewives. Forgive. *puppy kisses*

YARN~Just go.
KNITTINGZEN~"Bad-Ass knitter" from Portland...and check out her other blogspot site...growing goonie! *too cute*
BOOGER~Amy Boogie knits!
THREADS-NEBRASKA~Shawn & Kathy...they have TWO Lincoln, NE stores by the way!
KNITTY~Can you say hip knit?
FROM NEBRASKA GIFTS~They got it all! Plus, you can get Nebraska's own Shepherd's Dairy lotion here! Yummy!
SIOUX SUNDRIES AT ROADTRIP DOT BEIMERS~I LOVE this site!! This particular link bit is about the Sioux sundries in Harrison, NE. But, after you're done, go check out the rest of the site! Did I say I love it??
THE WINDMILL ROOM~I could sleep here. I think.
PAINTING-BOOKS~Susan's books...what more do you need to know??
PIPPI KNEE SOCKS~Delicious Handspun yarn
NO NO KITTY~Nice site from D. Landes!
KNITTING FRAU~Ann Arbor weblog
IHOP~I'm hungry. Let's go!!

And I end with the knitting nails of Tracie "craft queen" Wunderlich. These DVD's (part 1 teaches you to knit a kitchen cloth...handy!) can be found at the Lincoln Libraries, by the way.

You can email Hue Sap directly HERE!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005