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ArtsPreserve wall

looking over the body
as of march 27th, 2006.

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ZZzzzzzz #2 more expensive

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piece two:
bump cardboard florets

licking the amanita muscaria scroll

about amanita muscaria

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paused dvd drawing
bic pen round stic med
Long Horn Miao Tribe

Sunday, March 19, 2006

paused dvd drawing
blue bic pen round stic med
Lya Lys from Luis Bunuel's 1930 L'Age D'Or

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fall asleep and go away
drifters will guard the outside



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fantastic eye contact and kissed like hell

unknowable and terrible


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The last ArtsPreserve's random and real websites was posted on Saturday, March 11, 2006.
The small collection of random and real posts were oddly particular, but hopefully the interest felt here was shared. The last post seemed like an appropriate ending. There's ideas to find and share without repeating the same one too many times.

These posts included personal material that wasn't pretentious and didn't seem to be posing for any editors or critical eyes. It's refreshing and uncensored. At times the writing can read as if it is for an audience, but, mostly, that audience is a group of friends that know the creator. They're good because nobody bothers them; nobody is there for them to worry about. "They have shit to say...dammit!". Now, most of what you'll find is pretty normal journal material. But every once in a while, you find something that's exceptional. Random and real. Stellar bits of everyday culture and life. Anne Lamott talked about a similar idea when she wrote down a young waitress's manner of talking because there was no way she could reproduce that or write was blues music to her; it was the true way people talked. Professional writers ache to produce half of what these writers put into some of those posts. You'll always read a line, or see a photo, that is just killer and make you feel less alone, tap into what you're feeling or where you're at. We hope they print-out everything they've written and bind it up and put it away safe for that not so distant future.

These are not sites with hundreds of comments and thousands of readers. One or two have never had a comment but continue to write everyday all the time. That in itself is respectful. If you devote some of your time, you'll find pieces that are moving and insightful; one or two will seem to come out of nowhere.

Here's all the random and reals: lovers/tuna sandwich/same van/transvestite/ass kickin'/don't think about it/leave me a comment/

And now, it's only fitting to recap the small list of random and real source sites so the visitor can continue exploring and reading. Note, some sites have dust on them. They're rarely updated or were forgotten about. Some are now unavailable and can't be included, and others ArtsPreserve didn't get to share. As many know, once you get to one there's many links to others. You'll find all sorts of ages, jobs, layouts, photos and thoughts...the way it should be. No descriptions will be given except for Cliff.

In no particular order:

Cliff's weblog~about a man that plays chess online, who's 71 years of age and writes about everyday life in a gentle and genuine way. "I fixed myself a tuna sandwich and turned on the tv."

modern gypsy
bean gone wild
chris from Bellevue
claude in omaha
tess trueheart
mel and her husband clint

Saturday, March 11, 2006

ArtsPreserve's random and real Nebraska weblogs:
At least I'm not a total sucky artsy kid
"This was taken in the sewers by my house. I think it's beautiful :)
I'm happy, I drew the logo for the musical hoodie. This makes me feel special. Awh, yay. I'm artistic, I still suck, but at least I'm not a total sucky artsy kid. I want to write something beautiful. Not necessarily poetry, but something has put me in the writing mood. Unfortunately, whenever I write something, I never finish it. I have it all up in my head, but I never get it all down on paper. I'm such a bum.


Friday, March 10, 2006

new and extremely pretty

It's time to pull out the old coin bra and wispy pantaloons. By the way, if you need some "ankle length sissy pantaloons" look HERE and later on click the ultimate princess pic to the LEFT (she seems to have a little Dottie vibe going on) and discover more sparkly crossdressing wonderfulness.
Nebraska bellydancers. Start HERE then HERE or HERE. And then you need to start driving around because there's A LOT of performers in this area doing a lot of different types of dancing. It's not local, but here's a belly dance site that has great links and answers some questions.

Do you know who Miss Rodeo is this year? Did you know Nebraska has won it four times? Well, maybe five, but Roberta "1966" Oatman from Thedford, NE is still a bit of a mystery. One of the Nebraska winners was Dallas Hunt. Why do I mention this? Because I was told a story about some crazy woman from Nebraska who had several shrine-like Dallas Hunt scrapbooks from the late 50's tucked away in her closet, that's why. Dallas won Miss Rodeo in 1957, or 1955, depending on where you look.

Burwell, NE is famous for their rodeo. While you're in town you might stop by:
The Finishing Touch Beauty Salon
Mr. J's
Barb's Cafe

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chase County Fair
Imperial, NE

Peter Kiewit Institute

<----Steve Adams

Monday, March 06, 2006

Nebraska killer girls, rock boots and vamps
"I have yet to find any donors here. I moved to Omaha from Sioux City, NE. People who meet me would never guess I was a vamp. I am a hybrid/mutt vamp. I do not dress goth. Sorry. I am Sang, elemental, and emotional...I am not all there on the terms yet, but I am working on that. I thank God I am a mix, because I would feel worse then I already do if I were only Sang. I'm not a poser and I've been tied to a chair. I have some questions about a dream I've been having for a long time now I never have gone as far as drinking other peoples blood other then my ex best friends but I do drink my own so I have some questions. I guess that is it. I would love to meet more people like me...hoping to find fellow kin."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lynch Dawg
Lynch, Nebraska
Limited number produced in 2004

"To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark's Journey up the Missouri River, Joan Faith, a local teacher, designed a stuffed prairie dog. These "barking squirrels" were discovered by Lewis and Clark on September 7, 1804, near the Tower (Old Baldy) north of Lynch. The stuffed prairie dog is hand crafted by a group of volunteer women in Lynch and has been named "Lynch Dawg"."

From the Mayhem Home:
the sideshow podcast from
modern gypsy &
Johnny Mayhem

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